The victims of the drunk drivers and generally erratic traffic are many on Georgian roads. Some places the relatives set up a stone in memory. The boots, however, I think is an act of irony in this case.
on the Georgian roads!

Text and photo
Eistein Guldseth, 2007
    Figure it out. This happens in 120-150 km/h.  
AS I MENTIONED earlier: The pigs are fat in Georgia. Also those driving around in big BMW's or Mercedeces. The difference in income is huge, and a selective elite of very rich people do whatever they want to. But as I have experienced on the roads in Georgia the differences tend to even out on the asphalt: 90% of all drivers leave their brains at home when they hit the roads, and do exactly what they
want to. Not to mention that a lot of them are drunk. There is nothing positive to say about traffic in Georgia. It is so dangerous to drive that it is better to leave it, and take the train. Minibuses carrying 15-17 passengers drive like they are late for an appointment with God. On roads with one lane in each direction, designed for 80 km/h, they drive in 130-140, and passing other cars (sometimes 4 cars) side by side. Few obeys the traffic rules. The most important thing is to get passed the car in front, even if that means to do it in a curve, and even better if the curv is in a slope where the possibility for meeting other wild Georgians passing a slow truck is high.

Big tolls in traffic.
A lot of people die in traffic each day. One day i drove 60 kilometers along the main road leading to Kutaisi. During that trip I witnessed 3 severe accidents. Two of them must have taken lives. Some hours later, after I came home, a car crashed nearby with people killed, like the acciden depicted on the left side. Whole families are wiped out on regular basis on the roads, especially the highway Tbilisi - Kutaisi.

Why this hurry?
I think it mainly started as a macho show-off thing that developed into a culture during the years. It was also possible to pay one self out of trouble with the corrupt police. Things just escalated with better roads and faster cars. The strange thing is that they didn't drive like that in the communist era. I really don't know what happened.

More police? Wont help.
The last year traffic police have started to take things more serious. 15000 new police officers and a highway-patrol US inspired police force are on the roads.
But most of them enjoying great days driving slowly around with blue and red lights on wihout doing much besides smoking and eating. Oh yeah, I have seen them!

Advice for drivers unfamiliar with Georgian culture.

Don't drive with lights on. It scares them. The toughest man can see also in the dark.Use the horn often and loud. Don't get upset if a trailer comes up 1 meter from your rear and starts honking. Regard EVERY driver as a possible suicide driver. I have driven a lot in Georgia, and can be regarded as a..well..offensive driver, but this traffic scares me eternally. Every time out on the roads I have encountered potential fatal near-accidents with myself at stake.

Sometimes you wonder if the driver is metally retarded.


Police have a lot to do. But it doesn't help much.

I've got more and worse pictures from this accident.