Mother Georgia is 50 meters high, and watches over Georgian men from a hill high above Tbilisi. For many Georgian men it's difficult times.
of Georgia, creator of sons!

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Eistein Guldseth, 2007
    Passing on the male values to next generation!  
in Georgia. To be fair I hadn’t done much thinking about mothers before a particular incident at a Tbilisi restaurant brought the subject to my attention. Generally you find three kinds of Mothers in Georgia. One traditional with capital M and the second, more modern and younger version with small m focused on creating a career for themselves outside the family still parallel with the

traditions. The third mother is the more abstract and provoking kind, watching over the country (as seen on the picture). This kind of “mothers” with swords and strong attitude gives many Georgian men high blood pressure and force them into panic, at least in the columns of the Tbilisi newspapers, debating the sheer presence of Mother Georgia standing on the hills above Tbilisi. She has, as a sign of contempt?, her back turned to the American “refugee camp” of rich Americans wives living in their protected luxury quarters high above Tbilisi, shielded from the Georgian “plebeians”. It could be frustrating to have such a dualistic female statue staring at you every day, watching your steps.

Meet His Majesty The Georgian Son.
I need to go back to the restaurant to recapitulate the incident that shook me eternally and led me to ask questions about Mothers (with capitol M). We were having a meal at this restaurant when I noticed a woman with her 9-10 year old son sitting at a table. The child sat very quiet opposite of her with his perfect and expensive clothes and an ultramodern haircut. Once in a while he opened his mouth and his mother fed him sweet cakes with a spoon. She also gave him something to drink, holding his glass for him as he sipped; still without moving. It was the perfect harmony between the child and his mother. She was her sons obeying servant, and he, as Freud labeled it, posed with dignity as "His Majesty The Child", slightly superior looking down on his slave. A bit later the mother placed him on his lap, and continued feeding him sweets, patting his head as she repeatedly kissed him. A complete normal kid at 9-10 years, pampered like he was a 2 year old.

That's the way to do it!
I shook my head, and suggested that this child would have some serious trouble growing up with such kind of mother. But my wife replied that this was quite common in Georgia. Mothers tend to spoil their children, not wanting them to grow up and be independent, especially boys. This was confirmed later when I asked several females/mothers about how they raised their children. It is not uncommon practice to pamper them in that manner at all, but more modern women find it inconvenient to have dependent children as they pursue a career on their own.

Regrouping the forces.

And then the child grows up independent and ready to take responsibilities for it self? Oh no. At that point the modern mothers call in the reserve troops: The aunts, grandmothers and grand-grand mothers. A spoiling and pampering army absolutely no boy child can resist. No wonder Mother Georgia up in the Tbilisi hills looks threatening to many Georgian men. What happens if she turns against them??

There's something cooking in the male community.


Georgian women. 3 of them pro mountain climbers.

Georgian woman advicing her 60 year old son.