From taps in rocks the sparkling mineralwater flows free. It's regarded as healthy and contains minerals like iodine, calcium, and iron. Different headwaters have different minerals.
mineralwater with gas!

Text and photo
Eistein Guldseth, 2008
    Mineralwater under high pressure.  
BESIDES WINE, GEORGIA is famous for its mineral water. Significant deposits of high quality mineral and drinking water exist in Georgia. Two-thirds are located in western Georgia at 10 to 15 meters depth.. A thriving industry during the Soviet period, bottled water production declined sharply after independence. In recent years, however, the mineral water industry has revived with the "Borjormi" and

”Nabeghlavi” labels leading the way with some minor competition from other smaller brands.

Free flow in Racha.
But the free flowing natural mineral water is the subject here. In the mountains of Racha there’s a lot of it, and it’s free for everybody. The different headwaters contains different minerals like iodine, calcium, iron and others, and are regarded as healthy. We use to take a drive up in the mountains and collect some of it each year on the dacha. We bring beer bottles and fill up about 50 liters. There is mineral water with and without gas. Most popular is the sparkling type, but it also smells like rotten eggs. It taste heavenly though. The taps are located along the road, and easy to access. The water doesn’t flow silently out of the tab, but is released under pressure with huffs and puffs. Cool!

The civilized way.
Most people buy it on bottles. The smell of rotten eggs have been removed. But be aware: You will be an addict, and your stomach will be a victim of gasses, minerals, and other severe intestinal challenges.


Another source.

One of the sources for mineralwater with gas.