The real gem inside was the barbershop. Main task: Cutting the hair of the players on the Tkibuli football team.
      The House
in Tkibuli.

Text and photo
Eistein Guldseth, 2009
    The sign reads: "Dentist"i  
        IN TKIBULI
there is a tall sovietstyle building close to the bazaar. The first time I saw it, I think it was in 2004, I was in shock reading the sign ”Dentist” under one of the windows. The building was in a mildly put horrible state, and I wondered who actually took the chance of exsposing their gums in the dentist chair. Every time we shop for foods on our way to Racha, we park outside this building, and every time


I look at the dentists sign high up there on the wall.Then in 2009, i figured I had to get in there to see what actually was inside this building. I had an idea about somehow getting to the dentist office. Just to check, you know. I mean this has been on my mind since 2004.

Finally getting a glimps of the dentist.
I really needed to get inside that building, so when the others went off shopping, I snook insides and slowly started to go up the stairs to the second floor where I reckoned the dentist office could be found. And there I finally found the dentist I had beed thinking so many times about! A very nice woman performed her painful craft with passion, authority and a smile. The patients awaited their destiny with horror written in their faces in the hallway. And there was more. The floor were full of small repair workshops, and a doctors office. I didn’t check out the whole building.

The barbershop guys.
But the real gem hidden inside was the barbershop with a bunch of absolutely great guys. Among cutting the occational Tkibulian, their most important task was the collective haircutting of the Tkibuli footballteam. In fact they had cut their hair since the soviet era, when the players were in black & white, as one could see from all the pictures on the wall.

(It must be said that Tkibuli has undergone a major renovation lately. The last remaining statue of Stalin has been torn down, and the building I went into has to a certain extent been renovated).

And ofcourse I found the dentist!.
Getting serious about hair.


A lot of small work and repairshops inside..

A friend of the barbershop-guys repairs leather.asdf