Amiran Dolidze is a well known screenwriter in Tbilisi.
      Amiran Dolidze

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Eistein Guldseth, 2006
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WE HAD NO PLANS meeting Amiran. What we had was a lunch appointment with the people in the NGO Foundation For Development of Human Resources in Tbilisi. The organization comprises professionals, working in the sphere of applied psychology as well as other professionals with issues of psychosocial rehabilitation. The organization also includes Center for Psycho-Social Assistance and the

center for Peace and Creativity. After a tasty lunch and meeting with the staff, we retracted to Nino Shushanias office. And there he was: Amiran Dolidze. They shared office together, although Amiran has nothing to do with psycho-social rehab. Or maybe he has?

Experiences from the Soviet era.
Amiran Dolidze has been around for some time as a screenwriter both for TV and film. He chain smokes and tells with great humor about the time consuming and sometimes dangerous process in the soviet era of getting a film approved for screening by the KGB. Now times are better, and it is usually the financial parts that bring out the nerves during a project. Well it depends also where you are filming. Some regions in Georgia are quite dangerous, he says laughing.

A letter from Fellini.
The film "The Nylon Christmas Tree", made in 1985 passed the KGB-cencors, and was released for screening in some countries through out Europe. And it must have been a great movie, because some months after the release Amiran received a letter from Federico Fellini, appraising the movie.

A new project In Svaneti.

As we are visiting, Amiran is writing for a new production taking place in Svaneti; the wildest and most beautiful region of Georgia. With mountains stretching up to 5000 meters up into the sky it should be a spectacular scenery. It is an art movie. But life is not simple even if the scenery is beautiful. Amiran warned us about going because of uncertain conditions regarding separatists, escaped criminals and Svaneti generally being an area without a proper control

Nice decor on Amirans computer..

Coffe and cigaretts makes the day!